CIO & Director of Internet Strategy

Ron co-founded infiniteMEDIUM with Michael Hussey in 1999. Ron programmed and operated The RateMy™ Network's Beta site,, creating one of the most viable commodities on the web, the first Internet franchise.

Ron is responsible for infiniteMEDIUM's programming needs and provides overall leadership for the technology staff. He developed the complex system that is The RateMy™ Network, a completely integrated network of over 300 rating sites.

Ron's professional background is in website development. He worked for Sass & Associates, a Maryland-based advertising company, as the Director of Interactive Media. In this capacity he designed full-scale websites for major corporations and developed successful online marketing strategies. Ron was later recruited by the American Psychiatric Association(APA) to be their Web Master. At the APA he transformed its static site into a dynamic and interactive medium for the over 40,000 APA members.

Ron's philosophy is that simplicity provides the most complete solution. He believes every need must be fully understood, both in a vacuum and in relation to its entire environment; only then can we design the simplest but most complete solution possible.

Ron holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Maine.


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