Chief Development Officer of The RateMy™ Network

Michael co-founded infiniteMEDIUM with Ron Gallagher in 1999. Mike provided the original vision behind The RateMy™ Network.

Michael's primary role is to provide infiniteMEDIUM with a forward thinking view of the Internet – how it is used, how it will be used, and, most important to infiniteMEDIUM's long-term success, how the Internet CAN be used. He also acts as an ombudsman between the technical, operational, and business arms of infiniteMEDIUM.

Michael's professional background is in website administration and web-based community management. He first managed web-communities at the University of Maine, where he helped design, develop, and launch, which is still thriving. Michael was recruited by a Fortune 500 company to be that firm's Web Master.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Financial Economics from the University of Maine.


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